Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hiking owh hiking...


As usual... lama xmeng' up date blog nie disebabkan busy yang melampau... but Alhamdulillah... half of chapter dh submit untuk Dr review... lega...lega and lega... so as a reward for myself... my friends and I has planed something.. we planed to have hiking at Penang National Park... and its work!! in a group of 7 girls,  we never imaging we can finish that track and for sure a bit nervous cause we never been there some picture during our hiking yesterday... awesome!!! ^_^

here we go!!!

the track is a bit challenging since yesterday was raining... but it still fun... ^_^

after 30 min hiking, we found this small river.. sejuk sgt air dia... power of nature.. SubhanAllah..

we found this small bridge same as in website penang national park ^_^

At batu belah... still in surprising mode with all the things we found along the track... sesungguhnya Allah itu maha kaya...

1 and half hour tracking was paid with an amazing view.. white sand and blue ocean... nothing we can said.. only smile and happiness mode full fill the space... ^_^ 


merehatkan diri seketika dekat pantai kerachut... pantai nie bersih sangat and from my view... pantai nie belum tercemar lagi... 

sementara tunggu bot datang ambik, haruslah balik naik bot.. dah xda stamina dah nk hiking skali lagi hehe... kitaorang sempat melawat tempat pemeliharaan penyu... comel2 je little2 turtle nie ^_^

 next our location is monkey beach... here we go!!!

 speedy bot kadang2 buat fa cuak seh... ^_^

nie la monke beach... cantik tapi xsecantik pantai kerachut... 

air kelapa ditepi pantai..awesome!!! ^_^

di sambung tuan rumah.. nama pun monkey beach :)

we end out trip with joy and happiness... fa strongly suggest kalau ada sesapa nk try something new and close to the nature.. why not doing hiking.. hehe kalau nak lebih info sal Penang National Park... boleh la jenguk2 kat page nie... no fees.. just enjoy yourself with the view of nature.. :)


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