Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm BACK.... actually Fa baru balik dari family holiday weekend yang lepas... Jalan2 with my family dekat area2 Shah Alam and Port Dickson... nanti Fa citer our trip tue k cause for this N3 my lil sis suruh Fa up load picture Ipod shuffle yang baru Fa beli tadi.. well dah berjanji kena la tunaikan ye tak?? susah betul dapat adik yang superb + terlebih genius nie... tu la pandai sangat berjanji kan.. hehehe.. Fa dah janji nak belikan hadiah if she got an excellent result in SPM.. as expected she got stright A's... and because of that I need to give her Ipod Shuffle as a present... ^_^

Lepas je solat asar tadi.. Fa ajak rumate2 teman gi Sunway Carnival tuk survey and usha2 Ipod tue.. my sis request colour pink... sorry sis... pink is sold out and booking is not allow until they will tell... so yang ada just silver and blue light colour... the best and cool choise is blue... and dengan rasminya blue menjadi pilihan.. here it is ^_^

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